Standard components

Length: 13,50 m
Girth: 10 cm
Width: 36 cm
Covering width: 34,5 cm
4 pieces per package
Length: 13,50 m
Girth: 10 cm
Width: 56 cm
Covering width: 54,5 cm
4 pieces per package
Elementy HBE

GL 24h

  • melamine-based glue;
  • for not visible surfaces;
  • wood humidity during production: 10 % +/- 2 %;
  • profile: double indentation – double feather joint with indentation;
  • 4-sided chamfering;
  • indentation depth: 30 mm;
  • indentation width: 20 mm;
  • integrated assembly level: 20 x 60 mm.
  • instant availability;
  • short delivery time;
  • standardized product;
  • easy transportation to the construction site;
  • small amount of waste;
  • rotative, thanks to 4-sided chamfering;
  • safe, dry, massive;
  • exceptional flexibility;
  • easy statics;
  • high value added;
  • dimensions correspond with industry standards;
  • versatile uses;
  • optimal protection against heat and cold;
  • system open to diffusion;
  • pleasant interior climate;
  • positive energy balance.
Elementy HBE
Elementy HBE

Remember when assembling BSH components:

In the event of high moisture (e.g. due to high rainfall or construction water) wood humidity can significantly increase. In rare cases the dimensions of BSH components can then change, leading to displacements and alterations to the final structure. BSH components should be protected from direct exposure to moisture by using a protective foil. Excessive water needs to be diffused and drained with air driers in order to gradually reduce wood humidity.

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