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Modern wood construction

A complete house built in the HBE system meets all requirements for modern buildings:

  • high degree of prefabrication – exceptional quality and short construction time;
  • freedom of design – the use of large-surface construction components allows to customize design;
  • reliable, externally-audited building materials;
  • pleasant interior climate with optimal moisture due to the so-called diffusion construction method (wood can absorb and return moisture, keeping its level optimal);
  • excellent protection from noise and fire;
  • wood has the highest heat storage capacity of all standard building materials, providing the best heat isolation in summer. The heat from solar energy is being absorbed and retained for a long time, while only a fraction of it reaches the building’s interior. At night, the excessive heat is emitted outside. This process works the other way round in winter, thus assuring a very good heat isolation and a pleasant interior climate;
  • different facade materials (plaster, clinker brick or wooden boards) allow multiple desing options, both within the scope of modern as well as traditional architecture;
  • wood’s durability combined with its ability to store CO2 for a long time, contribute to a positive ecological balance. No other building material can be acquired, processed and used with such a low energy consumption and environmental burden. Individual wall construction components can be cut using CNC lathes for ideal fit. The walls, ceilings and roof are quickly erected on-site and are then joined with appropriate, statically adjusted joints. Such a construction is ready for further works right after completion. The construction components used are characterized by optimal vapour permeability, so only the joints need to be fully air-tight. According to the so-called „Blower-Door” tightness tests such a construction’s air-tightness is significantly below 1h. Its other advantages include easily treatable surfaces;
  • hanging cupboards and other furniture can be fixed directly into the construction wood. Wooden surfaces can remain visible or be covered by plasterboard. Also subsequent enlargements or modifications are not a problem;

In Germany buildings made of fixed wooden components reach up to 6 floors, in accordance with this country’s construction law. In 2008 a seven-storey building was erected in Berlin using this technology.

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