Other properties and specifications

The following specifications can usually be consulted for requirements regarding protection from moisture, fire and overall wood protection.

Building material class according to DIN 4102-4: B2 (normal burning) or D-s2, d0 according to the decision of the European Commission of 09-08-2005 (2005/610/WE) for ρ ≥ 380 m³ / kg and total girth ≥ 40mm.
Calculated burning speed 0.7 mm/min.

Calculated differential shrinkingacross fibres: 0.24 % per every 1% of humidity change; parallel to the fibres: 0.01 % per every 1% of humidity change

Thermal conductivity λ parallel to glued joints: 0.13 W / (mK)
Thermal conductivity λ perpendicular to glued joints: 0.15 W / (mK)
Water vapour diffusion resistance ratio μ: 40

Glulam’s natural durability and resistance to aggressive chemicals corresponds to the natural physical durability and resistance of a given wood species, regardless of the applied glue. More considerations regarding different wood types can be found for example in the following document: Informationsdienst Holz "Konstruktive Vollholzprodukte" (Solid wood building materials) (downloadable from www.informationsdienst-holz.de).

On the basis of scientific research and many years of experience we can state that whatever the wood type, damage caused by insects is not to be expected in class 1 or 2 BSH construction components compliant with DIN 1052:2008-12.

Source: Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau

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