BSH – Glued Laminated Timber


Glulam (BSH) is a high-grade, wooden construction material that has been appreciated for many years. BSH is comprised of at least three dried planks or softwood lamellae glued in parallel.

As a result of sorting the raw material according to durability and its homogenization thanks to its layered structure, BSH is an improved material which demonstrates a considerably higher durability than typical construction wood.

BSH wood is an easily treatable construction material characterized by stable shape and practically no imperfections.

Due to its high durability and rigidity, glued laminated timber is distinguished especially by the following characteristics:

  • it can be used in large-span, heavy load-bearing structures,
  • high shape stability and low wood humidity,
  • high-grade, natural look in the case of all construction components required to meet high aesthetic requirements,
  • BSH construction components can meet high fire protection requirements,
  • thanks to its low humidity it is possible not to apply chemical wood protection if the material is properly protected during construction,
  • BSH wood is a suitable construction material in a chemically aggressive environment.
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  • improvement of the raw material thanks to its homogenization and sorting according to durability;
  • high hardness and rigidity;
  • technically dried to a maximum humidity of 12% (max. 15%);
  • different surface quality possible:
    • industrial quality for use in not visible places;
    • visual quality for use in visible places;
  • delivery of very large components possible;
  • stable shape and minimization of imperfections;
  • dimension stability defined according to EN 390;
  • through product quality control.
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