Advantages of HBE

A massive and safe building material

  • BSH components meet the needs of house-builders thanks to a dependable and safe building method.

Multiple potential uses

  • massive wood construction, timber frame construction, in combination with concrete/brick construction, in industrial construction as well as in modifications, alterations and extensions of existing buildings.

High flexibility

  • exceptionally flexible during treatment;
  • on-site corrections possible and not costly;
  • easy assembly, even in hard-to-reach and narrow spaces, thanks to the possiblity of combining single standard components on-site.

Stable dimensions

  • high dimension stability thanks to technical drying up to 10% +/-2 % humidity;
  • with proper protection and ventilation, moisture absorbed during construction penetrates BSH components up to 1 mm, thus preventing significant dimension changes.

A healthy interior climate

  • a microclimate open to diffusion and actively regulated;
  • wood can absorb and return moisture, assuring optimal interior humidity.

Improved building physics

  • vapour tightness;
  • only joining elements require caulking;
  • caulked surfaces open to diffusion (e.g. roof membranes with sd < 2.00m);
  • components can be used as covering and rain protection during construction;
  • wood is characterized by very thermal conductivity compared to other construction materials.

Cost savings

  • easy assembly;
  • further construction stages can be carried out without delays;
  • lack of additional moisture during assembly;
  • not necessary to follow cure times;
  • low own weight reduces installation costs;
  • positive impact on substructure dimensions (high degree of prefabrication / quick assembly);
  • preliminary works can be carried out in the joinery;
  • errors practically eliminated due to a high degree of prefabrication;
  • upon the client’s request (however for an additional fee) BSH components can be equipped with cap-ramps screwed into the surface. These can be used to attach ropes for the crane;
  • cuts, holes and indentations can be made on-site, with ease and precision.

Simple attachment of suspended ceilings

  • suspended ceilings are often used in industrial facilities in order to increase storage capacity. Due to their low height, BSH components are perfect for this purpose.

Household appliances

  • when profiling BSH components it is possible to make indentations in the joining grout for the purpose of fitting electrical wires;
  • holes for electrical wires and media connections are almost always made later;
  • indentations for wires can be made quickly and cheaply.

Easy system statics

  • calculations are made according to the DIN 1052 standard and / or Eurocode 5;
  • joining elements are typical for wood construction: self-tapping screws, perforated plates, angles or NHT connectors;
  • durable component connections without high material costs and workload.

Eco-friendly construction material

  • wood accumulates CO2;
  • finishing and modifications possible with the lowest energy expenditure compared to traditional building materials;
  • 1 tonne of wood absorbs 1.9 tonnes of CO2. 500 kg of this amout is coal stored in wood. Wood actively protects our climate;
  • BSH components are characterized by a positive energy balance!

Heating cost savings

  • due to wood’s generally warm surface and low thermal conductivity, interior temperature can be lowered by several degrees.

Natural wood protection

  • one layer can be omitted, because BSH components are dried to a maximum humidity of 12%. The components final forms correspond to the GK0 hazard class according to DIN 68800.

High level of fire protection

  • F 30-B, F 60-B fire protection classes and even F 90-B with extra sheathing;
  • fire protection classes measured according to DIN 4102-4;
  • the joining grout for the ”double indentation – double feather” joint is compliant with the requirements of DIN 4102-4, Table 61, for ceilings up to F 60-B and Table 70, for roofs up to F 60-B.

Summertime heat protection

  • wood has the highest ability to absorb heat of all available building materials;
  • accumulation of heat from solar energy;
  • very little heat reaches the building interior;
  • at night the accumulated heat energy is being emitted outside.

Noble appearance

  • possible to create a surface with noble appearance thanks to using selected, visual quality lamellae in visible areas.

Stock availability

  • standardized components are available in our warehouses.
Złoty kask

The Złoty Kask emblem for the HBE house construction system during the BUD-GRYF 2010 Fair organized by the Polska Izba Przemysłowo - Handlowa Budownictwa.

Top builder

The Top Builder statue is awarded to high-quality brand products, innovative material, technological and construction solutions for building.

Nagroda Konsbud

We were awarded the title of EKOlider during the 17th Conventional and Renewable Energy Fair ENERGIA and the 22nd International Construction Fair BUD-GRYF SZCZECIN 2013.

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